Commercial Conference, Meeting, and Board Rooms

Conference rooms are the heart of company productivity. Whether the company has face-to-face meetings or teleconferences, having the right technology matters.

Conference rooms range in size, shape, and design. One solution isn’t necessarily ideal for all businesses and all rooms. Trained consultants can analyze the room and the requirements of the business to propose the correct solutions.

Let Buchan Consulting LLC’s trained and certified technicians evaluate your specific requirements. Contact us today by calling 847-440-4776 or by clicking here to request a free estimate.

Video Conferencing

Buchan Consulting LLC has access to a variety of commercial grade video solutions. Appearance matters and having a high definition camera intended for use in a conference room can make the difference between a professional appearance and a grainy distorted image.

Displays and Projectors

A means to display media during presentations is a necessity in any conference room. Let Buchan Consulting LLC’s consultants advise you on which TV or projector best meets your needs, including size and placement for your room. Technicians can plan and install your company’s displays.


Having the appropriate sound solution in a conference room matters. Speakers turned to maximum volume become distorted and hard to hear while causing feedback in conference room telecommunication solutions. Distributed audio in the conference room using speakers intended for accurate sound reproduction is a necessity. Let Buchan Consulting LLC’s consultants plan your conference room’s audio.

Voice and Telephone

Being heard is more important than being seen. Buchan Consulting LLC has consultants who can help you with VOIP telephony and microphone solutions specifically intended for conference room use. Let Buchan Consulting LLC install your conference room voice solutions.

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