Home Automation Systems

Home automation is not only growing in popularity, but also becoming a promising solution to the ever increasing complexity of today’s home environments, while decreasing a home’s environmental impact.

Today’s smart home automation systems range from the lower-end consumer grade offerings that are readily available, such as Amazon Echo, Nest, and Samsung Smart Things, to professional grade systems by Control4, Elan G, and URC Total Control. Regardless of the system there is one common goal: give the consumer more control with less effort.

Professional grade home automation systems can do amazing things. Buchan Consulting LLC offers solutions from various vendors including Elan G and URC. These solutions offer control for climate, home security, home entertainment, lighting, pools/spas, lawn irrigation, shades, surveillance cameras, and more.

Let Buchan Consulting LLC’s trained and certified technicians evaluate your specific requirements. Contact us today by calling 847-440-4776 or by clicking here to request a free estimate.

Entertainment Control

Controlling an entire entertainment system, single room or whole home is a breeze with an affordable home automation system. From the family room, to the kitchen, and the home theater, a single remote can be used to view the status of connected devices, control activities, see what’s being watched in the kid’s bedroom, or automatically dim the lights when you hit play.

Buchan Consulting LLC has trained and certified technicians that can implement controllers so easy to use the whole family will enjoy the experience.

Lighting & Shade Control

Often lighting control and automation is considered limited to artificial lighting within the home. Not only can modern control systems automate lighting by the circuit, switch, or down to individual bulbs, but they can also sense ambient light and control shades in the room.

Whether you’re looking to wake up to sunlight coming into the bedroom, have privacy once the sun goes down, or simply have the lights come on to a low setting when you wake up in the middle of the night, automation systems can be setup to control a home’s lighting down to the finest detail.

Buchan Consulting LLC designs and installs lighting and shade control systems that fully integrate into our home automation product lineup.

Climate Control

From the Do It Yourself Nest to the pro-grade Aprilaire automation thermostats, thermostats have become the entry point for home automation. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies show that the thermostat is one of the easiest ways for a home to improve its energy efficiency.

Buchan Consulting LLC technicians can consult on the most appropriate thermostat for your home and integrate the thermostat into our home automation product offerings.

Security and Surveillance

Feeling safe at home is a basic necessity for every homeowner. Today’s home security systems are becoming smarter and more popular. While a security system can provide alerts when a sensor is breached, the system by itself offers no insight as to what’s occurring in the home at the time of the breach.

Buchan Consulting LLC offers professional grade surveillance camera systems that are Internet Protocol (IP) based and can fully integrate into our home automation product offerings.

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