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The modern home theater brings together a multitude of technologies that can result in a truly impressive and immersive experience without breaking the bank.

Buchan Consulting LLC has 10 years of experience planning, selling, and installing home theaters, both small and large. Home theater is a broad term that can mean different things for different people, but rest assured, regardless of your need, we can provide the perfect home theater solution.

Some of the most common services we offer are outlined below. Be sure to contact us today by calling 847-440-4776 or by clicking here to request a free estimate.

TV Wall Mounting & Setup

Buchan Consulting LLC has the tools and knowledge to mount your TV on essentially any surface and in any location. Walls are made of various materials including drywall, plaster, brick, stone, and paneling. Regardless of the material there’s a mounting solution that will work for you.

In addition to mounting, Buchan Consulting LLC is capable of properly concealing wiring in the walls utilizing bridge kits intended for safely routing electrical and media cables. Customers always have an option of in-wall wiring or cord covers depending on budget.

We’ll take it a step further and make sure your TV is setup correctly. At the customer’s request, our installers can properly configure, calibrate, and setup your smart TV, including connecting it to your wired or wireless network.

Soundbar Mounting & Setup

Buchan Consulting LLC has the tools and ability to mount soundbars below TVs, attached to the TV, or on any wall surface.

Soundbars come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. Wiring can frequently be concealed in the wall, or in many cases, with the soundbar being closely mounted to the TV, there will be no visible wiring.

Projector Mounting

Home theater projectors are all but a thing of the past. Newer 4k projectors paired with high quality projector screens provide a stunning high definition visual with vivid colors.

Buchan Consulting LLC consults on projects location, room configuration, screen type, and other variables associated with projector installations. When done correctly a projector can provide a picture quality rivaling any high-end TV at much larger scales.

Surround Sound Installation & Setup

Surround sound is the best option for a remarkable home theater experience. All too often consumers neglect to pay attention to the importance of audio in their home theater experience. Buchan Consulting LLC technicians are trained to install even the most complicated surround setups, including overhead speakers required for new surround technology such as Dolby Atmos.

Regardless of the home design, there is a speaker configuration that will fit. Floor standing, on-wall, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers are all configurable options that provide fantastic surround sound experiences with fantastic highs and rumbling lows.

Technicians are cable of setting up your receiver and calibrating your surround sound system for the best possible sound.

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