Developing the right home theater audio set up can vastly enhance your viewing experience

Demystifying Home Theater Audio

Home theater has evolved tremendously in the last decade, becoming not only more affordable but capable of replicating the immersive experience of attending a premium cinema. While we focus on bigger screens, 4K Ultra HD, and major developments in video, we often neglect the importance of audio in creating an exceptional home theater experience. Buchan Consulting can help you build out an existing home theater audio set up or build a new one from scratch in order to create a truly incredible viewing experience.

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Buchan Consulting is excited to offer Coastal Source Lighting and Audio Fixtures

Buchan Consulting Announces Coastal Source Offerings

Buchan Consulting is excited to be one of the first dealers in the Chicagoland area to offer Coastal Source lighting and audio. Coastal Source is a recognized industry leader in exterior audio and lighting, and their products can be found everywhere from luxury villas to the largest theme park in Florida (hint: big black mouse ears). Built to withstand elemental assaults including water exposure, acid rain, temperature variation and beyond, Coastal Source products provide elements that will accentuate any outdoor space and last a lifetime.

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Nest and Aprilaire both offer new levels of thermostat control

Smart Thermostats: Nest vs. Aprilaire

Temperature regulation in your home is possibly the most important, and definitely the least visible, element of a comfortable living environment – it not only impacts the feel of each room, but dictates utility expenses and impacts the home's vlaue. Aprilaire and Nest, two of the thermostat industry's leading brands, offer thermostats that put you in full control of the temperature across your living space. Buchan Consulting LLC is deeply experienced with both systems, and can help you decide which is right for you.

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4k UltraHD TVs provide greater value than ever before

State of the TV, 2017: What Buyers Need to Know

A number of new developments over the last year make 2017 an exciting time to purchase a new TV. Sales of 4k Ultra HD TVs continue to grow, and manufacturers are offering more bang for the buyer's buck than ever before. Whether you're looking for a premium model through a private installer or headed out to your local big box store, check out the points below before you buy.

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