Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA)

Buchan Consulting LLC is a proud member of CEDIA, the trade organization representing the $19 billion dollar home technology industry. 

As certified Home Technology Professionals, Buchan Consulting takes pride in our professional community and involve ourselves in professional development, ongoing training, and industry certifications.

CEDIA’s Code of Ethics:

  • Provide Truthful and Accurate information and maintain the highest level of ethics
  • Maintain high standards of personal conduct and the strive for excellence within the industry
  • Make a commitment to knowledge and professional growth
  • Maintain high quality and safety standards
  • Contribute knowledge to the profession through meetings and journals
  • Cooperate with professional colleagues 
  • Maintain in full force professional liability insurance
  • Subscribe to CEDIA's Code of Ethics and abide by the CEDIA Bylaws.

See CEDIA’s complete Code of Ethics at CEDIA's Site

CEDIA Certified Technicians

Buchan Consulting requires our technicians to be CEDIA Certified. CEDIA Certified technicians fall into four classifications.

  • CEDIA Electronic System Certified: The ESC Certification is a foundational credential for individuals who work in the home technology industry and want to broaden their knowledge in all aspects of the channel.
  • CEDIA ESC-T Technician: The ESC-T Certificationis for individuals who are well versed in rough-in and trim-out tasks as well as installation and troubleshooting. This certification covers the technical expertise that forms the foundation of the industry.
  • CEDIA ESC-N Networking Specialist: The ESC-N Certificationis for an individual who has mastery of designing, installing, and configuring a network in the home. 
  • CEDIA ESD-D Designer: The ESC-D Certificationis for an individual well-versed in needs analysis, project design, documentation, and design management. Most professionals who sit for the exam have five or more years of experience.
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