Technology Manager Bronze

 Monitor your internet speeds and uptime, let us connect to your system for troubleshooting. 

$ 9.99

 /  1 month
 Monitor your connection to your Internet Service Provider, like Comcast or AT&T, and notify you of any outages that may effect you.

 Run twice daily internet speed tests to ensure you’re being provided with the speeds you paid for. Don’t let your Internet Service Provide short you on valuable internet speed.

 Yearly report of Internet Uptime and Average Yearly Speeds.

 Monitoring equipment and plan transferrable to new home or business owner.

Ability for technicians to remotely connect to system and troubleshoot or fix problems without dispatching a truck (Troubleshooting is not covered and will be billed at standard hourly rate)

Technology Manager Silver

 Everything from Bronze plus us monitoring your equipment and our Smartphone App giving you Parental Controls 

$ 19.99

 /  1 month
 Everything from Bronze Plan

 Smartphone App (iOS and Android) with Parental Controls for your network, ability to get notified when new devices connect to your network, and one-touch link to our

 Network Equipment Monitoring: Ensure your local area network (router, switches, and WiFi) remain up and running with remote monitoring and troubleshooting of your 4th utility: your internet.

 Ability for technicians to remotely connect to system and troubleshoot or fix problems without dispatching a truck (Troubleshooting is not covered and will be billed at standard hourly rate)


Platinum Technology Manager

 Advanced replacements, guaranteed expedited service, free service calls, remote troubleshooting and free advising 

$ 54.95

 /  1 month
 Everything from Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans

 Remote network hardware (router, switches, WiFi) firmware upgrades. Keep your network hardware up-to-date, ensuring maximum resistance to viruses and hacking, helping you ensure the security of your network and data.

 Facilitation of the repair or replacement of any electronics that were installed by Buchan Consulting LLC. Never wait on the phone with tech support again, don’t worry about shipping back your broken electronics, and don’t worry about installing the replacement. We’ll do it for you.

 10% discount of MSRP on any product replacement/repairs

 Up to 2 new items programmed into control system per year (URC, Elan, & Harmony). Add game systems, DVD players, and more without worrying about paying to have your remotes reprogrammed.

Priority on-site support, ensuring your problems are addressed within 36 hours.
Includes 2 hours on-site service per month
Advanced replacement on in-warranty network equipment sold by Buchan Consulting LLC


 Business Remote Support 

$ 54.99

 /  1 month
  • Monitor network connection
  • Secure remote access to network and devices within the network for troubleshooting
  • Over the phone troubleshooting and support for your network (2 hours per month)
  • 10% discount off MSRP of replacement parts for equipment that was originally installed by Buchan Consulting LLC
  • Advanced replacement of in-warranty network equipment originally installed by Buchan Consulting LLC
  • Priority support with an on-site service window within 24 hours
  • Remote netork firmweare upgrades to improve security on your network



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